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Friday, 4 September 2009

So last night was the Arteries gig at the Hobgoblin, we took the distro down. When we got there the bands were setting up and we managed to nab a good size table next to the other merch people and laid out a selection of zines. We were sat next to a fellow zine distro man called Will who had a little box of vegan/freegan/anarchy zines, I got one about CCTV for free, and picked up some kick ass patches from Microscosm for a quid each:

I didn't manage to chat to Will but it was great to see other zines out at gigs. We sold quite a few, we're almost out of Ploppy Pants and the Zonked/Suspect Device split zine. There was an unfortunate incident with curry being spilt on a copy of Loserdom but it only suffered minimal smearing damage and the chap who was responsible paid for it (I think he was the guitarist from the Arteries actually!).

All the bands were really good as well, enjoyed Serf Combat and Apologies I Have None a lot. The dutch band Sweet Empire were staying at my house after the gig so I hung around with them and stayed up way too late drinking. Their touring driver/merch guy Daniel does a zine called Twisted Rights and Crooked Wrongs so it was cool to meet him and trade some zines. I even grabbed some of issues 3 and 4 off him to stock up the distro with.

Wicked night in all, makes me all enthusiastic about doing this distro lark more! Now for a busy weekend prancing around London!

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