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Monday, 28 December 2009

southampton fotos

Fashionably late, here's some fotos from the Southampton Zine and Craft Fayre, which was actually awesome. I got completely drenched TWICE in one weekend, met nice new people, drank real ale in real pubs, went to a punk show in a conservatory and managed to pick up some bargains at John Dyas. And we sold some zines. And Unity FM focken rocks!

Emma wrote a report - http://www.facebook.com/notes/emma-jane-falconer/southampton-zine-craft-fair/181613491546

Here's some fotos....

1 The event itself (context is everything so they say):

2 This is the money shot. Trouser rubbing tastic zine action. Oooh just look at all those lovely zines etc etc

3 Ja ja das ist ein funky pattern

4 Emma doing a good job of being completely soaked at an early stage in the proceedings

5 In the pub. That's them Vampire Sushi people on the right. And big Steve Lamond (Southampton's finest) on the left.

6 Ellie being hungover in a broken fonebox. There's probably something metaphorical going on.

7 Apparently they know how to party in Southampton

8 Wahey! I stole this one from Emma's facebook coz it's a classic!

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