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Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Brighton Zine Fest lot got invited down to the Penthouse (bar above the Freebutt) last SUnday to join the Felt-Up craft club kids for an afternoon of knitting, reading, drawing and tea. Emma from the zine fest collective did a little how to makea zine workshop which was nice and we took the distro down for people to havea look through. I fink we sold one thing too but can't remember what it is. Anyway Rachael from Felt-Up was lovely and I recommend you check out the felt-up things. I think they might be changing it to Tuesday evenings.

The Penthouse has got really nice now too and their ciders is WELL cheap its like £2.40 or something which meant I could have 2 pints instead or my intended one. Megan who put on the Southampton Zine and Craft Fair knows the people who do the Penthouse now and they're lovely. We were thinking bout having a zine social night. Shebang zine do some kind of music night there too.

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