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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

inventory of the other half

a rift? never! it will be beautiful to be reunited at the weekend anyways. i might weep. in southampton of all places..

in my half of the distro, i currently have lots of random and anarchist zines (plus a few random anarchist zines, but, weirdly enuff, no anarchist random ones) which are on sale for "just" one pound sterling.

i also stock (for £1 unless mentioned):

- the drift book (£5)
- holidarity - the printers said " taking time out from ‘normal’ life to spend time in a beautiful location while engaging in politically useful activity with a community in struggle. Holidarity Zine is a really gorgeous, 140 cm2 booklet. Back to basics, the graphics were done by hand, and the designer scanned in fabrics to create wonderfully different background textures, which came out beautifully on the riso"
- jane - documents from chicago's underground abortion service 1968-1973
- going to places that scare me - chris crass (50p)
- postscript on societies of control - deleuze (50p)
- cellphones suck (50p)
- perform-a-zine - maggie
- visions of utopia - mujinga
- freedom machine
- claptraps 2,3 and 4 - bradford crew
- activist security
- transgender liberation - feinberg

plus lots of nice free stuff!

and using space 4 coming soon(ish)

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