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Monday, 17 August 2009

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

next distro outing... sunday 16 augustus

Bangers/BTH release show! Spraynard farewell show! Chris White's birthday!


hectors house, brighton

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Gadgie #24 just in and online skatezines a-go-go

Rightyo, guess I'd better make some sort of first post attempt. What better way to start off though, than with the arrival in post of the new issue of Gadgie!

It's issue 24 from Marv (and oh! Debbie Harry is on the front cover) and his enthusiasm for punk rock and the Boston (UK of course) punk scene shows no sign of waning despite his advanced years. In an attempt to chronicle the punk rock history of Boston (this is part II) there's an interview with Aston from Boss Tuneage who's formative gig experiences took place there, and some recollections of the late Jas Toomer and associated mischief.
The rest of the zine is mainly Marv's personal writing about topics as varied as going on holiday to Scotland with his family, his first encounter with a twat using a handsfree phone, misheard song lyrics, and an account of Marv's newest football injury (which isn't half as boring as it sounds thanks to the great writing).
Then there's the usual zine and music reviews tucked away in the back, refreshingly it's not just pages of Marv writing about stuff he's been sent but doesn't like, which is nice because not only do I read all the reviews I also will be getting a hold of at least 2 or the records he recommends. Get it innit.
(mrgadgie @ hotmail.com)

I've been recently thinking about getting back into skateboarding now its summer again so I've spent a lot of my day at work discreetly watching skate videos on the computer. Also been checking out online skate zines, my favourite so far is http://www.ironxhanger.blogspot.com/ which I guess is technically a blog but it's really nicely done and better than the more magaziney type Lowcard (http://lowcardmag.com/) and Tweaker zine (http://www.tweakerzine.com/). Then there is, of course, Thrasher's online home (http://www.thrashermagazine.com/) which, obviously, has more stuff than the other sites but I still get peed off with the juvenile boy masculinity focus.

If anyone knows any good web or UK print zines out there that are about skating, tell me please. Or, probably rarer still, any zines or video archives or whatever that are by, for, or about female skaters. That would make me very happy.