Zounds. A hearty welcome to the internet blog thing that we set up for our zine distro. It's called hoojemaflap because we're simply amazing at um, like naming ... stuff yeah?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Brighton Zine Fest lot got invited down to the Penthouse (bar above the Freebutt) last SUnday to join the Felt-Up craft club kids for an afternoon of knitting, reading, drawing and tea. Emma from the zine fest collective did a little how to makea zine workshop which was nice and we took the distro down for people to havea look through. I fink we sold one thing too but can't remember what it is. Anyway Rachael from Felt-Up was lovely and I recommend you check out the felt-up things. I think they might be changing it to Tuesday evenings.

The Penthouse has got really nice now too and their ciders is WELL cheap its like £2.40 or something which meant I could have 2 pints instead or my intended one. Megan who put on the Southampton Zine and Craft Fair knows the people who do the Penthouse now and they're lovely. We were thinking bout having a zine social night. Shebang zine do some kind of music night there too.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

inventory of the other half

a rift? never! it will be beautiful to be reunited at the weekend anyways. i might weep. in southampton of all places..

in my half of the distro, i currently have lots of random and anarchist zines (plus a few random anarchist zines, but, weirdly enuff, no anarchist random ones) which are on sale for "just" one pound sterling.

i also stock (for £1 unless mentioned):

- the drift book (£5)
- holidarity - the printers said " taking time out from ‘normal’ life to spend time in a beautiful location while engaging in politically useful activity with a community in struggle. Holidarity Zine is a really gorgeous, 140 cm2 booklet. Back to basics, the graphics were done by hand, and the designer scanned in fabrics to create wonderfully different background textures, which came out beautifully on the riso"
- jane - documents from chicago's underground abortion service 1968-1973
- going to places that scare me - chris crass (50p)
- postscript on societies of control - deleuze (50p)
- cellphones suck (50p)
- perform-a-zine - maggie
- visions of utopia - mujinga
- freedom machine
- claptraps 2,3 and 4 - bradford crew
- activist security
- transgender liberation - feinberg

plus lots of nice free stuff!

and using space 4 coming soon(ish)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Inventory Schmentory

Well at least for my half of the distro.
A rift has come between us.

Loserdom #17 & #18 - £3 & £1.50 respectively
Mujinga #9 #10 #11 - £1 each
WWHRD (What Would Henry Rollins Do?) #3 - £1.50
Mild Peril #14 & #15 - £1 each
I Am on a Mission But, - 50p
The New Wave of Cut and Paste #4 & #5 - £1 each
If I Had a Hammer...Decommissioning the War Machine (Smash EDO zine) - £1.50
Twisted Wrongs and Crooked Rights #3 & #4 - £2 & £2.50 respectively
Artcore #26 - £4
I Live in a Fukt Up Society #3 - 50p
Squatters Handbook (13th Edition) - £1.50
The State by Randolph Bourne - 50p
Radical Routes 2009 Directory of Member Co-ops - £1
Intellectuals & Power - 50p
Everlong #10 & #11 - £1 each
Gadgie #24 - £1
Itchy Feet - £1 (I think)
Imaginary Uncles #1 - ??? probably 50p or £1
Rum Lad #4 - £1

There we go, that's what happens when you get a computer in your room, you spend half an hour typing out this crap. I'm going to watch the Wire.