Zounds. A hearty welcome to the internet blog thing that we set up for our zine distro. It's called hoojemaflap because we're simply amazing at um, like naming ... stuff yeah?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Distro plans...

Hoojemaflap are gearing up to represent at these two fine events -

November 13
Leeds Zine Fair + Footprints 10th Bday

Footprint Workers Coop, radical printing collective based in Leeds, are co-hosting a zine fair in celebration of 10 years of printing zines and all things radical, ranty and DIY. Zinesters, community action groups, radical campaigns and collectives, art exhibitions and workshops on zine-making, eco printing, workers cooperatives, cabaret performances, veggie/vegan food, and more! 10th birthday after-party at the CommonPlace.
Address: Leeds University Union - Conference room
Time: 10am
Email: footprint@footprinters.co.uk
Web: www.footprinters.co.uk

December 11
Zine + comic fair and live bands at the Cowley Club on Saturday 11th December - all day from midday, with fanzines and comics during the day, and music in the evening.

BrightonZineFest Dates Set!!!!!

It's gonna be Sat/Sun Feb 19/20, 2011...

More info coming soon on brightonzinefest.co.uk or via the evil facebook -

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

two beers two ciders

here we are sitting on maura's laptop and planning future events

tunbridge wells - hosts its first ever zine event on 21st august. hoojemaflap zine distro in the house. come say hi.


birmingham zinefest is happening on sept 11 and we won't be there, maybe next time. we will be surreptiously hanging out at bristle anarchist bookfair though. same day. more expensive tables. suckers.


we might be going to york! in march. to talk about our distro and maybe some other stuff. it's an academic/activist conference revolving around the question of can feminist art change the world...


Monday, 12 July 2010

mulheim zinefest

dates for the mulheim zinefest have finally been announced (see below)!

it's too late notice for me (spaceman) so i don't think i will go, but the first two were awesome....

vom 30.07.2010 bis 31.07.2010

läuft in az mülheim das 3. zinefest.

wer lust wieder hat mitzumachen - der möge sich doch bitte melden:


Monday, 7 June 2010


London Zine Symposium was fun. So fun in fact that we're going to the Zine Fest at the Women's Library on 12th June too. Mujinga has been at TAA (Temporary Autonomous Art) in London with hoojemaflap this week as well.

London is probably getting sick of us.

I made an inventory flyer but didn't have time to print them for the LZS, I was waylayed chopping vegetables for the Anarchist Teapot who were catering the zine symposium. Possibly a good thing though as we've managed to acquire some more zines since then, including On't Road, Bonuscupped, Angry at the Bus Stop and Letters to Australia. The new Loserdom had arrived and I'm hoping to get some of the new issue of Mild Peril, new WWHRD?, and some copies of Crucial Zine tooooo.

WWHRD also sold out entirely at the LZS.

There seem to be loads of zine fests popping up all around as well at the moment. Bradford zine fest is on 20th June. Leeds was going to have one but the organiser has postponed it for the moment, she may be attempting it in July so we'll wait and see.

A Birmingham group have just got together and are planning a zine fest there, I don't think they've got a date yet, and Tunbridge Wells are gonna be hosting a zine fest too! I've got some flyers about it in the hoojemaflap box (i.e. not on me) so can't remember if they've set a date yet, but it's all very exciting. I don't think we'll make it to Bradford cus it's on a Sunday and it's quite far and we were going to go to a beer festival the night before. Should be lovely though.

The flyer looks like this (I haven't run it past mujinga yet though!):

Thursday, 27 May 2010

London Zine Symposium

Sup. We've been going through a lull.

London Zine Symposium is here to give us a kick up the beehind though, so look out for us on Saturday, we'll be there with the Brighton Zine Fest table...not that you'll be able to distinguish us from anyone else..apparently we'll be in the punk rock area and sat next to Cherry Bomb Comics and the awesome Melissa.

I'm working on some kind of flyer inventory thing to hand out, probably would have been better if I planned this more than one day in advance though, oh well.

We've had a few more hoojemaflap additions recently that haven't made their way onto the inventory yet, the new Ploppypants issue which is a split zine with ah, someone who I can't remember, apparently Mujinga knows her from his mispent youth though. its a cracker anyway. Also getting some issues of the new Loserdom in, and Alex is sending out some more issues of Jerk Store seeing as our last lot went so quick. Ah, also Lights Go Out # 7. Phew.

H'ok amigos, see you on Saturday at the LZS!

Monday, 29 March 2010

3/4/10 event...

hoojemaflap will be at this event in some form... plus lots of zines will be available from the cowley bookshop...

Noize + breakcore = FUN

Niko (CH)- http://www.myspace.com/threelilpoints

" Mind, Ears, Vibrations, Frequencies, Sounds, Music feel free to think whatever you need and/or want music has no style and no scheme it is simply Art. Maybe we should call it "one way to communicate something else than just words...". What more could we say ?"

Tokage (CH) - http://www.myspace.com/greengoku

" Sounds, the sounds comes in and comes out, they can affect us, a lot, or not, so... Let's get into the Sound for spontaneous soundscapes...
Enjoy, or not."

Tech Diff (Peace Off)

Yol (of Shitloads of Fuck All)
Anger Fuelled Spoken Word

Spitting Vitriol (Headfuk/Splatterkore) CANCELLED ;{


Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

£3 suggested donation

Thursday, 4 February 2010


February is exceedingly busy.

First a few new additions to the distro in the shape of the new issues of Suspect Device and Jerk Store, plus a new split zine from Ripping Thrash and You Can't Say No To Hope! Woah there.

At least they are new additions in theory as we haven't received them yet at Hoojemaflap HQ. Well, we haven't technically paid for them yet. Excitement levels remian high however.

Excitement levels may go into overdrive in two weeks time because it's the frigging Brighton Zine Fest! We've got loads of great stall holders coming and Hoojemaflap will be making an appearance somewhere. If you've got a zine and you want to bring it down then we have an individual zines table where you can drop it (thanks for the idea London!) but just come and have a LOOK at all the PRETTY things that will be there. Saturday 20th Feb, Hanover Community Centre, Brighton. 1.30-5.30pm

There's other stuff going on too, Thursday is the swap shop night at Coachwerks, bring stuff for trading. Friday is our gig at the Cowley Club, Arteries and Social Club are headlining. Saturday evening is a vegan meal and entertainments at the West Hill Hall, then its back to the Cowley for a vegan Sunday roast. get in.

Also, just because we're not busy enough already this month Hoojemaflap will be hauled out to various gigs around Brighton. Probably. It could all go to pot if we get drunk.

Finally, remember to check out the Alternative Press Fair on Saturday 13th Feb at Aloysius Social Club in London. Look out for our comrade Emma flapping BZF flyers at you and try her panda cakes, they are awesome.