Zounds. A hearty welcome to the internet blog thing that we set up for our zine distro. It's called hoojemaflap because we're simply amazing at um, like naming ... stuff yeah?

Thursday, 27 May 2010

London Zine Symposium

Sup. We've been going through a lull.

London Zine Symposium is here to give us a kick up the beehind though, so look out for us on Saturday, we'll be there with the Brighton Zine Fest table...not that you'll be able to distinguish us from anyone else..apparently we'll be in the punk rock area and sat next to Cherry Bomb Comics and the awesome Melissa.

I'm working on some kind of flyer inventory thing to hand out, probably would have been better if I planned this more than one day in advance though, oh well.

We've had a few more hoojemaflap additions recently that haven't made their way onto the inventory yet, the new Ploppypants issue which is a split zine with ah, someone who I can't remember, apparently Mujinga knows her from his mispent youth though. its a cracker anyway. Also getting some issues of the new Loserdom in, and Alex is sending out some more issues of Jerk Store seeing as our last lot went so quick. Ah, also Lights Go Out # 7. Phew.

H'ok amigos, see you on Saturday at the LZS!